I’m glad to announce cairo-compmgr

Cairo Composite Manager is a versatile and extensible composite manager which use cairo for rendering. Rendering can be done in 2D or 3D, using Xrender and Glitz backends. Plugins can be used to add some cool effects to your desktop.To find out more about it, just point your browser to: http://cairo-compmgr.tuxfamily.org

Changes since 0.1.2 release :

- Add pixmap buffered surface, improve significantly the performance.
- Native pixmap backend (for now only xrender backend is supported)
- Fix some issues in shadow plugins.
- Some performances improvements
- Add a desktop launcher in System Tools menu.

This release include two new way to bind pixmap, buffered pixmap surface and experimental native pixmap backend. For now, to improve significantly the performance you can use buffered pixmap with this screen gconf option :

/apps/cairo-compmgr/screen_<x>/general/use_buffered_pixmap (x is your screen number).

it’s enabled by default.

If you have some trouble with this option or if you use git, you must, perhaps, remove ~/.gconf/apps/cairo-compmgr directory and restart gconfd-2.

This release include also a native pixmap bind, it’s only active for xrender backend.

/apps/cairo-compmgr/screen_<x>/general/native_pixmap_bind (x is your screen number).

It can improve your performance, but for now it’s really unstable

You can grab lastest source code here :


Binary packages for ubuntu gutsy are also avaibles to find out more about them, just point your browser to: http://cairo-compmgr.tuxfamily.org/download/binary-packages/

4 Responses to “Announce: Cairo Composite Manager”


mai 21st, 2008 - 10:06

Hi, what happened to Cairo Composite Manager? Is the proect dead?


mai 21st, 2008 - 16:45

No, ccm isn’t dead :) I had some health problems which slow down the dev, but all it’s ok now and the 0.2.0 release coming soon. ;)



mai 23rd, 2008 - 21:28

Is the project necessary anymore?, Because Metacity has also compositing now?


mai 30th, 2008 - 3:17

for v0.2.0 it would be great if it lauched with less effects.

it’s very cpu intensive, specially the menus and tooltips

also, a way to configure the effects would be great.

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