I’m glad to announce cairo-compmgr 0.2.2

Cairo Composite Manager is a versatile and extensible composite manager which use cairo for rendering. Rendering can be done in 2D or 3D, using Xrender and Glitz backends. Plugins can be used to add some cool effects to your desktop.To find out more about it, just point your browser to: http://cairo-compmgr.tuxfamily.org

It’s bugs fix release which improve glitz TFP backend.

To switch from xrender rendering to glitz TFP rendering do :

gconftool --set --type string /apps/cairo-compmgr/screen_0/general/backend glitz
gconftool --set --type bool /apps/cairo-compmgr/screen_0/general/native_pixmap_bind true
gconftool --set --type bool /apps/cairo-compmgr/screen_0/general/indirect true

and restart ccm.

To switch back on xrender rendering do :

gconftool --set --type string /apps/cairo-compmgr/screen_0/general/backend xrender

and restart ccm.

Changes since 0.2.1 release :

- API cleanup.
- Fix TFP mode.
- Magnifier performance improvement.

You can grab lastest source code here :


You can found here the instructions to build ccm from source.

Binary packages for ubuntu hardy are also available to find out more about them, just point your browser to: http://cairo-compmgr.tuxfamily.org/download/binary-packages/

have fun


5 Responses to “Announce Cairo Composite Manager 0.2.2”


octobre 4th, 2008 - 0:53

Just one thing, I love it, thanks =))


janvier 18th, 2009 - 18:43

Hi there! This is a great project, I really like the idea to render the complete desktop over cairo / glitz.
The last 2 days I compiled and tried everything and finally got ccm to work with glitz.

Unfortunately it does not render correctly, half of the screen is black!?
After I exit ccm, everything is fine again.

I ran all tests included in « cairogears », using xrender and glx, both outputs always look exactly the same (glx is much faster, of course). But when trying to use hardware AA (via -glx -hwaa) it says:
« hardware multi-sampling not available »
Does ccm use hwaa? If so, any way to disable it?

About my system

-Ubuntu 8.10 (2.6.27-9-generic)

-xorg.conf was already edited according to your guide (« XAAN.. » and « Load dbe » )

-I use Ati HD 3650 with newest proprietary drivers. There is no alternative to this I think. Is it correct that radeon(hd) does not support glx yet?!


janvier 18th, 2009 - 20:24

Oh I forgot to post the error message returned from cairo-compmgr:

GConf-CRITICAL **: gconf_engine_set: assertion `value != NULL’ failed


février 8th, 2009 - 16:36

Tried to compile it. Then gave up when I saw it depends on Gnome, which wasn’t clearly stated…
Wish: could you make it Gnome free ? and GConf free too (though lower priority) ? I don’t see why it should depend on them, since a pure Gtk configuration UI could be made with about the same features, and params stored in some XDG compliant config file instead of gconf jail^Wblob^Wthing.


février 18th, 2009 - 10:35

I’m probably an idiot, but I do not understand what Cairo Composite Manager offers. Can you add an « About » page or some « Features » list in the documentation?

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