Cairo Composite Manager

ID Category Task Type Severity Summary Status Progress
55 Core Bug Report Critical Broken libvala dependency on Debian sid Unconfirmed 0%
91 Core Bug Report High Windows not redrawing Unconfirmed 0%
59 Shadow Bug Report High Shadows are not being drawn for most windows. Unconfirmed 0%
52 Core Bug Report High Closes terminal emulator window Unconfirmed 0%
50 Core Bug Report High failed to install on ubuntu 10.10 Unconfirmed 0%
49 Core Bug Report High Error compiling test Unconfirmed 0%
46 Core Bug Report High error compiling latest git clone due to VALA Unconfirmed 0%
12 Mosaic Bug Report High Mosaic: filter windows showed in mosaic Assigned 0%
11 Mosaic Bug Report High Mosaic: redraw when a window is closed Assigned 0%
10 Mosaic Bug Report High Mosaic: Switch between window don't pass the focus to t... Assigned 0%
9 Magnifier Bug Report High Loose wait mouse cursor after activating magnifier Requires testing 100%
8 Core Bug Report High Weird behavior in xubuntu with nvidia-glx-new Researching 0%
79 Core Bug Report Medium right-click automatically selects first option in some ... Unconfirmed 0%
58 Plugins Bug Report Medium Inconsistent Animations For Windows and Menus Leading t... Unconfirmed 0%
56 Plugins Bug Report Medium cairo-compmgr crashes taking screenshot Unconfirmed 0%
54 Core Bug Report Medium Missing part of ICCCM specification Unconfirmed 0%
51 Core Bug Report Medium Title bar is sometimes staying on the background after ... Unconfirmed 0%
48 Core Bug Report Medium Probably cairo-compmgr doesn't notify its start Unconfirmed 0%
47 Core Bug Report Medium AM_PROG_VALAC macro cannot be found Unconfirmed 0%
44 Core Feature Request Medium new application runtime option: no system tray icon, pl... Unconfirmed 0%
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